Transparent Pricing

Our Transparent Electrical Prices For 2020

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Electrician hourly rate

   How much do electricians charge per hour in the UK? Electrician day rates vary according to the experience of your electrician and the part of the country you live in. As we are based in London and South East of England, an experienced electrician will cost you £40 an hour or £300 a day. This price is for normal working hours Monday to Friday and 8am till 5pm. An out of normal working hours, Monday to Saturday the hourly rate is charged at 1.5 times normal rate and Sundays at 2 times normal rate.

     We also charge a call out fee if attending the site within 4 hours from receiving a phone call, our call out charge is priced at the double our hourly rate, but which also includes the first hour’s worth of labour.

Electrical Installation Condition Reports

    Before getting any electrical work done on your property, many professionals believe that having an inexpensive Periodic Inspection and Testing carried out on your home is important. That’s because the inspection will give you a strong idea of any work that you need to have carried out now and an indication of further work that may need to be done in the next 10 years.

    Our Prices for the common domestic properties are as fallows:

  • One-bedroom apartment or house – £120 – £140
  • Two-bedroom apartment or house – £140 – £180
  • Three-bedroom apartment or house – £180 – £250
  • Four- bedroom apartment or house – £250 – £300
  • Five-bedroom or larger apartment or house – £300 plus

There is no legal requirement for a homeowner to get an electrical safety for their primary property however landlords now must have one carried out every five years or every time the tenant moves.

     The report you receive will contain the information you need to bring your property’s electrical system up to modern regulations and to make you aware of any installations not compliant with current wiring regulations. You can then use the information contained on the report to work out a plan of action with your electrician over what work needs to be carried out and when

Consumer Unit replacement only Upgrading your consumer unit will allow you to install additional circuits, have the latest safety devices and make other changes. For this job, we normally charge anything from £250 to £350 + materials and will take about a day to finish, that is if there is nothing wrong with existing wiring, also earthing and bonding assumed adequate.

Earthing and Bonding

      Earthing and bonding, together with other safety devices protects you, your family and your property from the dual threats of electrocution and fire caused by faulty appliances and equipment.

     Earthing allows electricity to flow safety to the ground and it’s this flow which allows a fuse or a circuit break to work. Bonding connects metallic water and gas pipes which come into you home to the earthing terminal – this prevents the occurrence of electric shocks.

     The upgrade of your earthing and bonding to water and gas pipes will cost you between £160 and £300 + materials, the job itself takes around four to eight hours to complete.

Full re-wire and consumer unit replacement 

     Most industry bodies recommend that you re-wire your home fully every 25 to 30 years, especially if a homeowner is preparing a major decorating project, planning an extension, or considering putting their property on the market. Re-wiring a house takes time and it can be a little bit messy so having it done prior to making changes in your home will save you money and inconvenience.

Signs you need your home re-wiring:

      Other than the length of time it’s been since your last re-wiring.

The first place to look at is your fuse box, nowadays more likely to be called your consumer unit. If the switches are made of iron, the back is wooden, or the fuses are ceramic, you certainly need a new consumer board and just as likely a full re-wiring.

      Next, what about the cables around your consumer unit? If they or your meter are fabric-, lead-, or rubber-covered, your wiring needs placement – lead was last used in the 1950s and fabric in the 1960s.

      Last, does your consumer unit has built-in residual circuit devices (RSDs) and circuit breakers? If not, it’s time to get an electrician out to provide you with a full electrical inspection with a view to having a re-wiring completed as soon as possible.

Why home re-wiring is so important

     Old wiring was designed for the electrical demand and items of an era that is passed – we use far more electricity now than we did even 30 years ago. Making sure that your internal wiring can safely handle the demand of electricity created by you and your family’s devices reduces the risk of fire and injuries caused by electrical fires. Also, most fires at home are caused by faulty electrical installations or equipment, so upgrading to the latest safety measures and devices your electrics will be in much safer place.

How much we charge for full rewiring and how long do they take?

     It depends on the size of your property, is it occupied or empty and where you live but a 1-bedroom property re-wiring will cost you between £2,000 and £3,000 taking 4-7 days and a 5-bedroom property may cost you between £5,000 to £6,800. That will only include standard amount and white PVC accessories. You also may need a little remedial decorative & painting work done after the re-wiring, also you can ask us to quote on doing that work for you if you don’t want to do it yourself.

Below is summarised prise table for our electrical services, but it’s always the best to contact us for a free and accurate quotations:

    Job1 bed Flat/House Price and Time to complete2 bed Flat/House Price and Time to complete3 bed Flat/House Price and Time to complete4 bed Flat/House Price and Time to complete5 bed Flat/House Price and Time to complete
Full Rewire£2000 – £3000, 4 -7 days to complete£2500 – £3500, 5 -8 days to complete£3500 – £4500, 6 -10 days to complete£4000 – £5500, 8 -14 days to complete£5000 – £6800, 10-15 days to complete
Earthing and bonding£200 -£300+Parts 4 – 8 hours to complete£200 -£300 + Parts 4 – 8 hours to complete£200 -£300 + Parts 4 – 8 hours to complete£200 -£300 + Parts4 – 8 hours to complete£200 -£300 + Parts4 – 8 hours to complete
Consumer Unit change£250+ Parts 4 – 6 hours£300+ Parts 6 – 8 hours£350+ Parts 9 – 10 hours£450+ Parts 11 -12 hours£500+
Parts 12 -13 hours
Periodic Inspection and Testing£120 – £140 4 hours on site£140 – £180 5 hours on site£180 – £250 6 hours on site£300 – £300 8 hours on site£300 plus 10 hours plus on site
Hourly Rate, Mon-Fr, 8am-5pm  £40  £40  £40  £40  £40
1.5xHourly Rate, Mon-Sat, 5pm-8am  £60  £60  £60  £60  £60
2xHourly Rate on Sundays  £80  £80  £80  £80  £80
Daily Rate, Mon-Fr, 8am-5pm  £300  £300  £300  £300  £300
Daily Rate, Saturday 8am-5pm  £400  £400  £400  £400  £400
Daily Rate, Sunday 8am-5pm  £500  £500  £500  £500  £500
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